Fried Chicken Mamak Style !


If you are in Malaysia, or have been to Malaysia before, surely you must know how famous Mamak food is, especially in Penang. Mamak people are the Indian Muslim community who migrated to Malaysia centuries ago.


Their signature dish of ‘Nasi Kandar’ is basically white rice served with many types of curries all at one go, as well as other condiments. I love it when they serve all these on a banana leaf !

Their fried chicken in particular is my favourite. Packed with the flavour of several spices (I’m yet to discover the secret) that gives an explosion to your taste buds when it’s done right, not to mention the crispy crunchy skin, it is best to have when still hot.


So, this is my first take on their famous fried chicken … and hopefully much more to come šŸ™‚



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