Eggs Benedict

Of all the fancy egg dishes for breakfast, I honestly think that Eggs Benedict is the trickiest. It requires a bit of understanding of the cooking process, and definitely needs some practice to perfect it. Personally, I tackle it step by step, layer upon layer, before I begin to construct, and present it on a plate. And after three attempts, I am now happy with the final combination and ready to share my twist to it.

Original Eggs Benedict consists of English muffins, a slice or two bacon strips, topped with poached egg(s) and blanketed with buttery Hollandaise sauce. So, unless I am cooking for a large crowd, Baking an English muffin just for myself is not really an economical approached, no ?! Moreover, I don’t know anywhere nearby where I can get English muffins .. Therefore, I am using whatever I have in my pantry, but keep it simple, as the crucial parts are poaching the eggs and making a buttery and velvety Hollandaise sauce. These steps can be difficult to master.


Hollandaise Sauce


Two egg yolks
1 Tablespoon of lemon juice
1/2 Teaspoon of mustard
100gm butter - melted on a Bain-marie.
Salt & Pepper


On a Bain-marie, whisk two egg yolks together with
1 tablespoon of lemon juice and
1/2 teaspoon of mustard for around one minute.
Then, slowly pour on the 100gm melted butter
on a steady stream whilst whisking at the same time,
until the butter is incorporated and 
you get a smooth and silky, thickened sauce.
Season with salt and pepper to your liking.

Once, ready, serve immediately.
If not, cover with cling film and keep in warm place.


Important notes:

*Make sure the bowl for whisking the yolks
is not touching the surface of the water,
 or it will be too hot and 
turn the yolks into scrambled eggs instead.
If the bowl is getting too hot, remove it from 
the Bain-marie for few seconds*

**keep whisking the yolks at all time
while slowly pouring the melted butter so they will 
emulsify into a smooth sauce and not split**

***If the sauce splits, add in few drops of 
cold water and continue whisking.
You can do this step to loosen the sauce too,
if it is too thick to your liking***

****Never warm under direct heat which
can cause the sauce to split*****

*****This sauce doesn't keep for more than
two days*****


Serving suggestion:

On toasted wholemeal bread, 
place rocket leaves,
followed by smoked salmon,
then carefully place the poached eggs,
before pouring the Hollandaise sauce.
Set grilled cherry tomatoes at the side.
It's ready to be savoured !


Making poached eggs is easy, as long as you understand the process involved. Perhaps, I’ll remember to snap some photos the next time I make it so I can post it on my blog …



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