Scrambled Eggs


Most nights when I’m not tired, I will be scrolling through scrumptious food photos on Pinterest or Instagram while lying in bed. Usually, I do this to study food styling, as well as methods and angles for food photography. I am always amazed by the creativity of food enthusiasts, and the photographers in capturing mouth-watering food images. At the same time, I get to learn more new recipes, or sometimes I can even be inspired in putting together new ingredients on a plate that results in great combinations of flavours. For instance, eggs for breakfast.

I am not a morning person, and therefore breakfast is not really a big deal for me. However, when I do wake up early, I fancy a nice breakfast to start the day, and eggs seem perfect to me.

There are so many ways to prepare eggs. Of them all,  I love creamy scrambled eggs. As far as I can remember, the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever had was at the Intercontinental Makkah, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was perfectly cooked, very creamy with a silky texture and seasoned exactly right. It was so good that to this very day, I have still not tasted scrambled eggs anywhere near as good as those.

Through experience, I have found that cooking scrambled eggs can be a bit tricky, especially in regulating the heat in the pan. If one is not careful enough, the eggs will become dry and overcooked, causing a thin layer to stick to the bottom of the pan. On the other hand, the scrambled eggs may become lumpy in a watery liquid. This liquid can be caused by adding salt before the cooking process. All of these effects are visually unappetising even before the tasting begins. And not to mention, cleaning the burnt layer from the bottom of the pan is a real kitchen nightmare!

So, here is my take on preparing scrambled eggs. It is not exactly the same as the version I had at the Intercontinental Makkah few years back, but I love it !



Scrambled Eggs
Three eggs - room temperature
Knob of butter
One tablespoon Mozzarella Cheese - grated
Two tablespoons cooking cream / double cream 
Salt & Pepper


Whisk eggs in a bowl, then sieve.
Stir in cooking cream and whisk again.
*Vigorous whisking aerates the eggs, resulting in 
lighter and fluffier eggs*
In a cold pan, add the knob of butter and set on medium heat.
As the butter starts to melt, add the egg mixture to the pan 
and gently stir with spatula for one minute.
**Season egg mixture only after pouring into the pan. 
This is to avoid the colour changing and 
the eggs becoming dry and watery**
Then, take the pan off the heat for 15 seconds.
Next, bring the pan back to the heat and keep stirring for
30 seconds, and then off once more for another 15 seconds.
Again, bring back the pan to the heat, stir in grated cheese, 
continue stirring for 30 seconds, and remove from heat.
***I use Mozzarella for its mild and creamier taste***
Repeat these alternate on and off heat steps 
and keep stirring until you reach the desired consistency. 
Serve immediately.
-Keep in mind that the pan is still hot while its 
off the heat, and therefore, the eggs are still cooking.
You still need to be careful here, to prevent 
overcooking the eggs-

*The time interval is only for guidance, just for beginners. 
Once you get started on it, you can adjust
it accordingly*


Serving suggestion : 

Breakfast should be as simple as possible, yet still giving 
us enough energy to kick start the day.
 Therefore, serve it with anything you like, 
or whatever you have available.
As for me, I love my scrambled eggs served with 
sautéed mushrooms and grilled tomatoes (as photograph)
and then I'm ready to face the World. 


p/s: Hello 2017 ! Perhaps, less talking, more cooking ?



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