Just so you know


Early last year, when I registered to join a cooking school, I was planning to eventually get a job in a professional kitchen. At the same time, I also wanted to explore, in depth, Malaysian delicacies.

On paper, everything was perfect; to finish as one of the top three students, in one of the most prestigious French Culinary School branches here in Malaysia, was a dream come true for me. Soon after, I got the job I’d been dreaming about, only, not knowing that I had landed in a seriously problematic kitchen.

Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t being childish, but the kitchen was in a state of complete disaster. New chefs walked in and out before even finishing their first shift; that is how terrible it was. Too bad, I joined them too, after only two short months of working in my dream job. Sure, if I was still young and just starting my career, I would definitely keep at it, putting up with whatever I have to in order to get things done ! But I am not, and therefore I refused to stay any longer. Plus, I don’t really enjoy cooking for strangers anyway.

My friends laughed at me. They said I was being silly. My family was so confused to think that I left my steady job to be a chef and yet quit before I even got properly started.

I guess that two months in the kitchen was more than enough to scare me away from any commercial kitchens. I don’t think I want to do it again, not for now anyway. Then again, I truly cherish every second in those two months. I had a really great time in the kitchen, and learned a lot too, despite their internal problems at the time. Perhaps, I could say I had the time of my life !

Now that I don’t cook for living, rather more for fun, cooking remains my passion, as well as photography and travel, hence this blog to document my journey.



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