My memory


As much as I love photography, I don’t really save any of the photos I’ve taken. Usually, I just leave them safe on the memory cards. Neither have I had them printed, never mind having them hanging on the wall.

The other day, when I was getting a document from my thumb drive, I came across this photo with a few others… this one in particular, is  my favourite.

The info details told me it was created somewhere in December, 2010.

I stared at the photo for a long time, trying to analyse it.

The photo was taken during my solo travel in Venice. Being an amateur in photography, I was so proud of the shot. Not to mention the fact that it was taken with my very first Canon DSLR.

So, I wanted to make it special.

I wanted to pair it with a suitable quote, a travel quote. Simply because I love travelling.

I always thought the colours are too harsh. Then again, it suits the mood I was trying to convey.

Its been six years now… but the memory lingers…



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