The broken pieces …


I cannot remember the last time I used my DSLR, the camera that I loved passionately, the camera that I once splurged my fortune on… and yet, the very same camera that broke my heart.

I always wanted a DSLR, Canon to be specific, so, I bought one sometime in August 2012, as an early birthday present to myself.

I took a really good care of it. No one was to put their hands on it except me. I bought a special bag to store it in, and also to use for transportation, during my travel days. Back then, I used to travel a lot.

However, I am just an amateur photographer… a novice who enjoys taking photos. For me, travel and photography is a match made in heaven. And, to enhance my hobby, I also bought a MacBook Pro, as well as photoshop software, for photo editing purposes. I was enjoying it. I was learning something new every day, always hoping to improve my photography skills.

Everything was great until my camera broke down while I was travelling in Sri Lanka, circa 2014. No, I didn’t drop it, but a big, freak wave crashed on me when I was trying to photograph the famous Sri Lankan stilt fisherman, and the camera got splashed with sea water. Instantly, my camera stopped working, and I didn’t get the photo I wanted either !

I was shattered… and that was the end to my supposed to be “joyous” holiday.

The camera kept giving me an error message on the display screen and there was no way for me to use it again during the holiday.

I took it to Canon service centre when I returned to Dubai, spent a good amount of money to get it fixed, but then, after only two weeks, it started giving me an ERROR message again. I gave up.. really sad.

Unhappy with the service in Dubai, I lodged a complaint with Canon international, and as a result, they agreed to check my camera again, but this time, free of charge. For me, it’s not about money, but the fact that I always took very good care of my camera, and because of my own carelessness, by my very own hand, it had broken down. Surely it wasn’t my mistake that the sea water splashed on it, more a bit of bad luck, but I can’t help blaming myself.

Canon International was so professional dealing with our complaint, and managed to fix my camera. It was returned to me in very good condition, ready to be used again. Did I smile… YES, of course 🙂

But my agony didn’t stop there. Later in 2014, a fault developed with my MacBook… it would not turn on. One thing after another !

I guess I was just so ready to give in. So, I abandoned my MacBook, together with my camera.

Two years went by until just recently, I woke up one day and decided to take the MacBook to the service centre for fixing. I informed the technician of my problem and after he checked it, he explained to me that the hard drive had crushed and replacing it means everything on my computer will be wiped out. I kind of guessed it already, anyway. Not that I had much installed on it, but the fact that the photoshop cannot be recovered made me heartbroken all over again. Too bad, because I bought the photoshop software online and it’s only one time download.

Nevertheless, everything is fixed now, my camera and the MacBook (minus the photoshop).

So, here I am, searching for the moment to start all over again…

Cheers to a new beginning 😉



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